Become a ROBOCAT ambassador. We want to be able to count on you!

If you are a student who likes technology and robotics and wants to promote ROBOCAT, The Catalan Robotics Championship, at your school, institute or university, apply to be a ROBOCAT Ambassador

A unique experience

As part of the experience you can:

  • Be part of a pioneering project in Europe that promotes free, affordable, sustainable robotics and the dissemination of the cultural, natural and artistic heritage of Catalonia
  • Discover the opportunities that ROBOCAT offers you and promote them among your colleagues
  • Meet new people with the same concerns as you. Have fun while acquiring new professional skills
  • Gain work experience during your studies through a position of responsibility
  • Make contacts with companies, entities and institutions from all over the territory
  • Develop your oratory, communication, marketing and human resources skills
  • Receive specialized training throughout the ambassador program
  • Obtain the ROBOCAT Ambassador Distinction from your school, institute or university, and a letter of recommendation based on your results

The functions

What are the functions of a ROBOCAT ambassador?

  • Be a point of contact with students, teachers, professors, professionals in the education sector, individuals, entities, companies and institutions interested in ROBOCAT
  • Attend working meetings with the ROBOCAT organizing committee


  • Make presentations about the championship among your teammates
  • Participate in global events and fairs in the field of technology, mobile telephony, and artificial intelligence
  • Contact the teams during the territorial phases
  • Collaborate with the organization of press conferences
  • Interact and train with professionals in the STEM sector
  • Maintain an active presence on ROBOCAT's social networks
  • Contribute to the preparation and organization of the visibility and communication of ROBOCAT events, providing support in the promotion (writing press releases, designing and distributing promotional materials, documenting tournaments with video and photo, etc.)
  • Look for contacts with school or university media
  • Respond to requests for information on ROBOCAT

The profile

Who are we looking for? We are looking for highly motivated Ambassadors who want to promote the benefits of participating in ROBOCAT and who have the following competencies:

  • Excellent communication qualities
  • Networking skills
  • Skills for work through social media
  • Willingness to share and learn
  • Ability to adapt
  • Good organization skills
  • Ease of achieving quality results
  • Creative and innovative approach
  • Willingness to share and learn

Minimum conditions of participation

  • Dedicate a minimum of two hours a week to the work of Ambassador
  • Organize or participate in at least two ROBOCAT presentations
  • Participate as Ambassador in a minimum of one event (local tournament and / or Grand Final) to be held during the 2021-2022 edition
  • Contact your ROBOCAT coordinator regularly
  • Participate in ROBOCAT training sessions
  • Inform your coordinator about the activities you are organizing


What are the requirements to be a ROBOCAT ambassador?

  • Full oral and written command of Catalan
  • He is enrolled / linked during the academic year 2021-2022 in a school, institute or university of Catalonia
  • Share the enthusiasm for the ROBOCAT project. From now on, your participation is necessary to build the leading educational robotics championship that Catalonia needs

You can apply between April 6 and April 30, 2021. Please complete the following form:

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