Values, Mission and Vision


“To promote a championship of free, affordable, sustainable software and assembly for the dissemination of the cultural, natural and artistic heritage of Catalonia; contributing our experience, knowledge and best practices, with the aim of awakening and expanding the interest and vocations of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in young people and adults "  


ROBOCAT is an educational robotics competition that aims to create a common environment where to share ideas with people who have concerns in the field of technology, promoting technological and scientific culture among young people and adults through the values of creativity, collaborative and teamwork, and a culture of effort. 


We are defined by the desire to encourage free assembly and software, and to facilitate access to technology for society as a whole, by promoting affordable and inclusive clothing. The aim is to achieve equal opportunities for all people by reducing social inequalities and enabling everyone to develop their technological vocations.   


Through robotics we want to promote knowledge and appreciation of the cultural, natural and artistic heritage of Catalonia, while encouraging cooperation between entities, schools, institutions, companies and individuals in order to create synergies in research, development and innovation.  



“To be the benchmark educational robotics championship in Catalonia, promoting the participation of teams from all over the territory in order to create synergies in research, innovation and development, generating value for society as a whole and making it possible for many young people are agents of change in the science and technology sectors ”.  


We want ROBOCAT to be the benchmark in the field of educational robotics championships in Catalonia: 

  1. In terms of the quality and professionalism of the human team and local collaborators, who provide a personalized and unique treatment to all people who want to enjoy the rob tica.  
  2. In terms of enthusiasm and cooperation between the participating schools, entities, companies and institutions, making the Catalan Robotics Championship a real celebration of technology to make the world fairer and more sustainable.  
  3. Regarding the accessibility of resources and events throughout the Catalan territory, collaborating with the educational, technological, social and cultural agents of the territory in order to increase the number of tournaments in the Alt Pirineu i Aran, in Barcelona, in the Camp de Tarragona, in Central Catalonia, in Girona, in Lleida, and in Terres de l'Ebre. 
  4. Regarding the didactic and multidisciplinary learning proposed by ROBOCAT, through which it wants to encourage teamwork and decision-making as a group, and contribute to socialization by  also to the autonomy and the spirit of continuous improvement of the participants, encouraging the critical capacity of self-evaluation and co-evaluation of the developed tasks. 
  5. As for its original values, which are based on a free, affordable assembly and software for the dissemination of the cultural, natural and artistic heritage of Catalonia.  


“A championship of Catalonia, of proximity, of free robotics, sustainable and committed to the environment, universal and inclusive, of the territory, and multidisciplinary.  


  1. A championship of Catalonia. ROBOCAT is an educational robotics competition based on our culture and which aims to promote the dissemination and knowledge of our heritage in its broadest sense, while at the same time revealing interest in technology among participants. 
  2. A proximity championship. ROBOCAT offers a professional and at the same time personal and close treatment with all the participants and collaborators in the competition. 
  3. A free robe tica championship. ROBOCAT wants initiative, imagination, strategy and creativity to take precedence over brands. That's why  that participants do not see their technological creation limited to devices of a specific brand, but can develop their robot using the materials and programming languages they deem most appropriate. 
  4. A sustainable championship committed to the environment. The fact that it does not require the robot to be made up of parts of a certain trademark promotes the use of recycled materials in the creation of robotic devices. In addition, the playing field materials are reused from one year to the next.  ROBOCAT wants to put technology at the service of achieving the goals of sustainable development.  
  5. A universal and inclusive championship. ROBOCAT wants to democratize access to robotics through a championship in which cooperation takes precedence over competition. To achieve this, it proposes an affordable price so that economic barriers are not an impediment to entering the world of educational robotics and artificial intelligence, affecting groups at risk of exclusion. and with low socioeconomic level. In addition, ROBOCAT proposes the elimination of the gender gap in the technological field. 
  6. A territory championship. ROBOCAT creates valuable synergies and cooperation in research, development and innovation between the participating educational and civic centers, entities, companies and institutions in the territory, facilitating collaboration between them and the generation of personal and professional relationships based on the values of the ROBOCAT.   
  7. A multidisciplinary championship. ROBOCAT wants to transmit transversal knowledge: while students incorporate and put into practice knowledge of programming, mathematics, electronics and mechanics in problem solving, they also discover very different thematic areas depending on the challenge to be solved each year.  

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