2024 Edition - Natural disasters



The sign up process and the field elements are now available

In this edition you can purchase the field materials straight through our website


What ages belong to each category?

The category is assigned according to the year of birth, from January 1 to December 31: Junior (2013 - 2010), Senior (2009-2006), Adults (2005-...).

Do I have to bring my own robot?

Yes, they have to be completely autonomous and can be made out of any material.

If we compete with people of different ages, to which category do we belong?

In case of participants of different ages, the oldest will always be chosen; for example, if we have a 9 year old member and a 24 year old member, they will participate in the Adults category.

Can coaches help participants during the competition?

No, coaches are only allowed to observe and be in the public.

How many registrations can I buy?

Each school or entity can buy a maximum of 6 registrations as long as they are not sold out.

Are the half field and the corks and woods being sold the same as those that will be used for the competition?

Yes, they are exactly the same.

Is it compulsory to buy the half field or the corks and woods in order to participate?

No, the purchase of the half field or the corks and woods is entirely optional; if you want to build it yourself, you have the blueprint and exact measurements to do so.

Who can take part in the competition?

Everyone who wants to participate is welcome; schools, organisations, individuals, groups of friends, family members...

What capacity does each team have?

The number of participants per team is between 1 and 6 people.

If I buy half of the field or the the corks and woods, what regions do you deliver to?

For logistical reasons, they will be sent throughout the Spanish territory.